Certified Translation Services: A One Stop Destination for Quality Translation in UK

When it comes to getting high quality translation service of business documents, marketing materials or website then people rely on well reputed translation agencies. Translation of users’ guides, business brochures, website and other important papers must be done only by certified experts or proficient translators. As clients and associates tend to get impressions about the company through the site and marketing materials and the reputation of the company is at stake, when they are not well presented hence it is very important to ensure that the document as translated is accurate and of high quality and serves the interests of business.

Certified Translation Services is a leading online translation portal of Universal Language Solutions Ltd that has its head office in Paul Street in London. The company with over 10000 linguists and translators provides translation services in over 100 languages that include Arabic, German, and Italian, French, Russian, Chinese, Swedish, Spanish and others.

Being a top notch translation company in UK the leading agency offers matchless quality services to its clients on a reasonable cost within the scheduled time frame. Whether you require technical translation of users’ manuals or medical certificates or incorporation certificates translated, you can count on the expertise of well qualified team of Certified Translation Services.

Besides getting quality translation, you can rely on the leading Translation Company for getting multilingual social media, transcreation, transcription, website localization and interpreting services. If you want to establish an enviable brand reputation in the international market then you must focus to get your website as well as other official documents and marketing materials translated into various languages as suited to your target audience. The expert translators will ensure that your documents or marketing materials do not lose its quality and impact even when translated in other languages in order to meet your business needs in the most competitive way. So make it a point to get impeccable quality translation services from the experts of Certified Translation Services and get the best value for money. Feel free to visit us online at www.certifiedtranslationservices.co.uk.

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3 Benefits of Quality Translation Service from a Certified Agency

Translation of business documents, patents, users’ guide and other marketing materials in local and international languages other than English is very important to enable business deliver the right message and establish a sound rapport with target customers in other countries. Business companies seeking to promote their brand globally aim to reach to the maximum number of target customers. Getting the website and other marketing materials translated by certified professional translators makes it easy to promote business on a truly global scale.

Here is a checklist of the benefits that can be gained from hiring expert translators:-

Facilitates in promoting your business brand on a global scale
Regardless of the nature and location of businesses, experts of well reputed Translation Agencies will help clients get their documents translated in the desired language and way that takes care of the culture and lifestyle of target customers. Certified Translation Services is a leading translation agency consisting of over 10000 translators fulfilling language and translation requirements of individuals and business groups throughout UK.

Helps in legalizing official documents after accurate translation

Whether you need to get documents translated from English to French or other languages you can count on the expertise of linguists of Certified Translators Services who cater to the language and translation needs of clients.

Expert linguists and translators of the leading agency will provide you quality translation and legalization of documents at a reasonable cost in a quick turnaround time.

Facilitate in making partnership with others easy

If you want to make your business brand truly global then you must take care to expand your network and make new associates or partners. You can plan to invite entrepreneurs to open up franchises of your business. This can only be done if your partner understands the nature and importance of your business and get convinced about the utility of your offered products and services.

With quality website localization and transcription services the proficient translators will help you expand your network and customers’ base.

So what are you waiting for? Set for a new journey of success and brand recognition with availing quality translation services from UK based Certified Translation Services. For more info and services feel free to visit us online at www.certifiedtranslationservices.co.uk.

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3 things to remember when translating your marketing materials

With the amount of time, capital and resources you have spent in establishing your business you know how important it is to maintain the same level of reputation when you are marketing your products in a different market. Translation errors can prove to be a stumbling block in your effort to enter the global market. If you do not want your next global project to be an ultimate translation fail then here are top three commandments for you:

  1. No doubt free online translating tools can be luring but they are not reliable for translating your important business documents. Using such tools might save you time and money in the short run but will end up costing you big bucks in the long run.
  2. Hire a translator who is not only well versed in the target language but is also familiar with the culture and lifestyle if the target market. A phrase that works well in the source language may sound totally absurd and meaningless in the target language. A person who is familiar with the culture of the new market will ensure that any offensive message is avoided.
  3. Your translator should have a clear understanding of your business, your brand message and its audience. Make sure you choose someone who is capable of translating your business name, product name and slogans in the appropriate manner without sounding outrageous.

Certified Translation Services is one of the leading professional translation services in London. The company caters to a myriad of industries including law, medical, engineering, automotive and public sector to name only a few. The translation company offers translations in more than 100 other languages including French, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic and German translation in UK.

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3 Things to Do Before Translating your Ecommerce Website

Businesses can find it pretty scary to go global when it comes to translating the plethora of marketing materials especially their website.  However the obvious truth is by translating your website into multiple languages you can increase your online sales tremendously and encourage your customers to trust your brand. Here are three things that you must do before you start translating your company website to ensure a smooth and seamless process later:

  1. Before you start translating your e-commerce website make sure you determine the best KPIs for your business. These can include things like what are the objectives that you want to achieve and how translation is going to help you achieve those.
  2. Create a global content strategy. Remember, you don’t have to translate each and every thing in your website. Find out what are the best selling products in your target market and start with translating them first. The best way is to prioritise content first and then go with translation.
  3. Create a style guide and a glossary for your business’s translation projects. This will not only ensure high quality of translated documents but also make them more accurate and consistent. This will make it easier for the translation agency to complete the project on time and ensure that it matches the required standards.

Certified Translation Services is one of the leading translation services in London that offers high quality translations in more than 100 languages. The company offers website translation and localisation, document translation, desktop publishing, subtitling, multilingual voiceover, transcription, multilingual SEO and PPC, multilingual copywriting and interpreting services.

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3 Qualities You Need for a Good Transcription

Transcription is the process of converting a pre-recorded audio into written form. Most often this kind of document is needed for medical, legal and business purposes and is carried out by a trained professional with remarkable experience and expertise in the field. However, transcription can be extremely complicated and daunting. A person should posses the following qualities to ensure a successful transcription of an audio file into the written form:

  1. Attentive: Transcription requires a great deal of attentiveness and concentration. Therefore, it is important that the workplace where you are planning to work on your transcription project is extremely peaceful and quiet.
  2. Fast typing: Rather than using the mouse try to use keyboard shortcuts for as many actions as possible. Switching between the mouse and the keyboard every now and then slows you down tremendously. Also, you need to be fast with your typing otherwise you will end up wasting a lot of your time and money.
  3. Careful listener: A good transcription also requires good hearing skills. You should be able to clearly listen and understand whatever is being said. Make sure you are using good quality earphones or headphones. Background noise, poor quality hearing equipment and a difficult accent can make things worse for you.

Certified Translation Services offers high quality online document translation services  in around 100 different languages including French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, Swedish and several others. The company also specialises in subtitling, voiceover, multilingual copywriting, multilingual SEO and PPC, desktop publishing and interpreting services.

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3 Reasons Why Businesses Need Certified Translation Services

Whether it is about starting a new business partnership, expanding reach or selling their products and services to an international audience, businesses need translation of their important documents for facilitating global business. Here are a few reasons that explain why businesses are looking to get their content translated:

  1. Globalisation has changed the way international business occurs and how businesses communicate with their audience. Although English has shown its ubiquitous presence in all business dealings it cannot be used across the board now with consumers looking for businesses that communicate with them in their own language.
  2. No doubt, there is free and easy access to a number of translation tools and software online but they are not the best option when you are looking for professionalism, high quality, accuracy and consistency. Professional translators and linguists can simplify things for you and offer translations that deliver the right message with the right intent.
  3. When you hire a professional translation company you open up your business to whole new set of opportunities and possibilities. These agencies not only help you with translating your important documents but also offer other related service like desktop publishing, website localisation, multilingual SEO and PPC etc.

Certified Translation Services is a premier translation agency in the UK offering official document translation services at competitive prices. The company has a team of translators well versed in around 140 global languages and thus offers French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Arabic and Swedish translation services to name only a few. The company specialises in document translation, desktop publishing, website localisation, subtitling, technical document translation services, interpreting, proofreading etc.

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How Multilingual Subtitling Services are Different from Translations?

Subtitling and translation may appear like two wheels of the same cart but there are significant differences between the two. Right from the format in which they are delivered to the specific skill sets required in the generation of subtitles, you cannot overlook these major dissimilarities:

  1. Unlike translation, subtitling requires time coding Time coding is an important part of subtitling services and therefore should be done by an experienced and trained professional. The subtitling expert will determine the start and end time for each frame in the footage with the use of professional subtitling software.
  2. For translation documents can be sent in common file formats like MS Word. You get the translated document in the same format in which you sent the original document. In case of subtitling the client sends the footage in the form of a CD, DVD or hard drive and the company will deliver subtitle file.
  3. After setting the in and out time and transcribing the content (with attention to the number of words and characters) it is time for the final translation followed by the proofreading. The file is then imported into the subtitling software and generated as a subtitling file.

Certified Translation Services is one of the leading certified translation services in UK offering high quality translation and subtitling services. The company offers multilingual translation services in around 140 languages including French, German, Italian, Dutch, Arabic and Japanese. As a leading translation service provider, Certified Translation Services specialises in document translation, desktop publishing, website localisation, transcreation services, transcription, subtitling, interpreting and proofreading.

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3 Tips for Buying Certified Translations in London

As a business gearing up to enter the global market you need to find a professional translation agency that can fit into all your translation needs and offer you the most effective solutions. Before you start hunting for the best translation companies in the industry make sure you follow these three tips on buying translation services:

  1. Your choice of translation agency will depend entirely on what kind of document you want to translate. Some translation agencies have a team of translators who are specialised to work for a certain industry or on certain types of documents like technical, legal, medical or engineering. Choose an agency that has experience and expertise of working for the particular industry you are looking for.
  2. Not all translation agencies are proficient in offering translations in almost all global languages. Find out into how many languages the company can offer translations and whether it is well versed in the particular language you are looking for. Also, make sure the company has adequate knowledge about the culture of the region and is familiar with the dialects of that particular area.
  3. Enquire them about their quality control procedures and proofreading methods. A good translation agency will not charge you additional fee for proofreading of the translated document but quality check will be included within their translation procedure.

Certified Translation Services offers high quality official document translation services in multiple languages. The translation company specialises in translations in more than 100 languages and serves almost all industries. The company translates documents and certifies them for official use in the UK and abroad. Apart from this, it also offers notarisation and FCO document legislation services.

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3 Types of Documents that Need Certified Translation

A certified translation is one that assures the completeness and accuracy of the translation. Most often certified translations are provided by professional and reputable translation companies that have a significant experience of working in the industry and some of the best and highly skilled translators. Here are three types of documents that need a certified translation:

  1. Certified translations are necessary for legal documents such as those required for legal proceedings and hearings, affidavits, certificates, work permits, writs, declarations, summons etc. Most often documents that are meant to be submitted to the court or any other government body need certified translations.
  2. Immigration documents also need to be translated and certified. Right form passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate to work permit when you are visiting a foreign country either for work purpose or for a short stay you have to submit all your immigration documents in the official language of the particular country and certify them for official use.
  3. Academic documents like diplomas, degrees and transcripts may also require certified translation in the native language of the target country when applying for different courses in colleges and universities. You might be required to submit the original document along with a certified translation.

Certified Translation Services is one of the leading professional translation services in London that offers document translation in around 100 languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic and Dutch translation services to name only a few. As a leading professional translation service, the company certifies the translated documents for official use in the UK and abroad.

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4 Tips for an Effective Transcreation Process

Wondering what is transcreation and how it is different from translation? Transcreation is the process of transforming the brand message in such a way that it becomes suitable for the target audience and they find it easier to engage with your content and eventually your brand. It involves making cultural changes in the text apart from the linguistic changes. Here are a few tips for an effective transcreation process for your business:

  1. Working closely with your translation agency will always be helpful. Assist them in creating a proper style guide for transcreating your documents to make sure that you use the desired tone and style in each market that you are targeting.
  2. Creating glossaries is important. This will ensure that the transcreated content stands on accuracy and consistency and is translated exactly the way you want it to be done.
  3. Make sure your translation agency has linguists and translators who are native speakers of the target language. They should have a proper understanding of the culture of the target market so that your message is conveyed in the most effective way.
  4. Do not forget proofreading. Check the quality of your transcreated document by getting it reviewed or proofread by a third party. In order to check the effectiveness of the new document, find out how the audience is responding to the content.

Certified Translation Services offers high quality translation services in around 100 global languages including French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Swedish and German. The UK based translation agency offers legal, medical, engineering, academic, ecommerce, marketing, manufacturing as well as technical document translation services to name only a few.

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